Terms & Conditions

8:53pm, Friday June 21st 2024

Please attend your appointment ALONE as we do not have waiting area, no children are allowed. 

Booking appointments: 

deposits are needed to secure your appointments, 48hrs notice is needed to rearrange as deposits will be non refundable. 

 appointments missed without 48hr notice, your account will be suspended and no futher bookings will be allowed to be made until full price of missed booking has been paid and full cost of next future booking paid upfront.

Be on time for your appointment!

If your more than 15min late for an appointment, I will only do what I can in the remaining time- please respect my heavy schedule and the knock on effect to the next client who is booked in after. 

Add on services like nail art, glitters, chromes are extra charge and extra time is needed so booking is required. Any broken nail repairs are extra charge on top of service booked.